Calculation error for hidden value with instance('commcaresession')

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I am able to use the lookup table feature to reference location by org level/structure in a different app in the same project space, but I a developing a new app and am getting an error for a hidden value I use to make this possible:

The hidden value calculation is: instance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_location_ids

The error message is: Calculation Error: Error in calculation for /data/user_data/commcare_location_ids Logic references instance(commcaresession)/session/user/data/commcare_location_ids which is not a valid question or value.

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The app will need logged in users to have assigned location data for that expression to work, but it doesn't look like you are logged in as a mobile user who could have location data assigned.

If you'd like the app to work with or without the location data being present for a given user, you could check to ensure that the value exists first, IE:

if ( count(instance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_location_ids) > 0, instance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_location_ids, '' )


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Thank you so much Clayton!