Calculation error: data/case/@case_id

Hi CommCare team,

I am receiving the following error and not entirely sure what to make of it. I was using this app just fine a few days ago and don't remember making any changes but maybe an easy fix?

Error: "Calculation Error: Error in calculation for /data/case/@case_id Logic references instance(commcaresession)/session/data/case_id_epc_professor which is not a valid question or value"

The basic flow is: I have a parent case (school) and then a child case (teacher). The error is showing in a follow-up form (for the teacher) to record the results of an evaluation for the teacher. The case name for the school is "epc" and the child case name for the teacher is "epc_professor".

Thanks for your help!


Hi Stephen,

Unless you have any special calculation logic, this looks like it's likely an issue with the app builder in how it's generating the parent->child calculations.

Can you report an issue from inside CommCareHQ so our team can take a look?


Thanks so much Clayton, will do!