Calculated Properties - Show Child Case Name in Parent Case List Details?


I am trying to use calculated properties to display the name of the child in the parent case list. In my case, the parent list is "households" and the child list is "household members". The child case list is created through a repeat group in the main registration form. Each household (parent) has one head of household (child) and I want to display their name in the main household case list.

I looked at the documentation and see how to count the number of child cases, but I don't understand how to simply display the case property I set up using a hidden calculation for "head_of_household_full_name".

Any ideas are very welcome!

Think of it this way

Caselist and Case details screens are supposed to show you one value per case.

in the situation where you have multiple child cases, how will commcare know which to show you?

to do that, you want to write a calculated expression that does a join for all the cases whose parent case id is the current case id. this would then return a SINGLE value, that you can then use in the caselist.