Calculate data from case base on location and date

Dear All,

My project space is store the activity data into village. we assigned the activity data as owner by village base. for example if user assign for village level they can see household, household members, activity data in that village. if the user assing to commune level they can see data from all villages in the commune.

so I want to create mobile report to count household, household members, activity data in village or in commune depend on user role and filter with date start and end.

Anyone could give me an idea to develop this report?

Thank you,

Hi @sambo

Thanks for reaching out. Would you mind asking this on the Users forum please? Since this question is more related to usage than hosting, others on the the users forum might find this useful as well. We can continue from there.


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@smittieC Thanks for your reply. however I will forward to user forum.



Are you self-hosting CommCareHQ? If you are, do you know about the mobile UCR feature flag? This would be what you are looking for. I don't know how familiar you are with this and UCRs in general?

@smittieC no, I have no own self-hosting. I use on cchq.

Thank you

@sambo do you have the mobile UCR flag enabled perhaps?