Bulk Reopen closed cases for follow up

Hello Everyone,

Please is it possible to do a bulk reopen of cases so that further follow up can be performed on those cases? Also, if the cases are successfully opened, can they be seen once more by the CHW on their tablets?

A survey was set to close cases once filled out and it has only just come to my attention and there is a need to conduct further follow up on those cases.

Thanks in advance

Yes could do that by exporting the cases make your changes in Excel/spreadsheet and reupload. You should be able to find info on the wiki: link

Out of my head I am not sure if it is possible to open a case when a closing form is submitted or that you have to archieve the closing entry. You should maybe try it with something first or somone else can confirm it here.

Hi @Jos_van_der_Ent

Thanks for the quick response. I just conducted a case export on the form and i noticed that the cases are still open but for some reason when the CHW log in on their tablets they no longer see their case lists. They are empty

@Ethan_Soergel Please have you also got any ideas about this?

See image here


Please follow the following process:

  1. Ask a few mobile workers to sync their mobile device
  2. Check the status of the case on CommCareHQ
  3. If case is closed, open it [ This can be done by archiving the form submission that closed the case or via the Case Importer]
  4. Ask the mobile workers to sync again

Please report back on how this goes. Thanks.


Thanks so much.

I will revert.