Bulk export of Daily Form export

Hi is it possible to bulk export the daily form export? We have 8 forms and we export them on a weekly basis. If we could bulk export them (like in the Form Export menu), it would make it so much easier - rather than doing each one individually and then amalgamating them into one file.

Thanks Nicola

commcare-export can be an option

Not sure what this response means but I have the same question!

I even tried to set up the export on the “standard” form export page, but once I check save as daily export, it automatically creates the export on the daily saved page and not the standard form export page.

It baffles me why there is no bulk export function on the daily saved export page because right now there is no way to bulk export daily saved forms …

I am talking about using the data export api provided by CommCare. The api tool is python based and is called commcare-export