"barrowing question and or question ID"

Is it ok to or are their any downsides to using the same question/question ID from registration form on the follow up form?

Is it possible to bring forth the data entered previously on a case, see it displayed on the follow up form, edit it (if needed) and save the edit? How can I bring the previously entered data onto a follow up form?
I hope I am making sense.
Thank you for your input.

Hi @machado_m,

Yes to both questions. In fact if you have followup forms, you may want to use the same ID for tracking across forms.
To create a followup/edit form, look at the links below

  1. Case Management - [https://confluence.dimagi.com/display/commcarepublic/Case+Management]
  2. Example of how to use case management - [https://confluence.dimagi.com/display/commcarepublic/Advanced+Case+Management+Tutorial+Part+5+-+How+to+Create+an+Edit+Form]

The first introduces you to case management which is the principle that will allow you to access you data across forms, and the second a step by step guide on how to implement it.

Hope that helps