Assign mobile users to multiple locations

Hi, what’s the difference between locations and primary location? The smallest location level (community) owns cases in our setting, and we assign mobile users to communities. The mobile users will be likely to go to multiple communities per day. So

  1. can they be assigned to multiple communities?
  2. if not, can reassignment be done offline?


short answer is:
Yes you can assign them to multiple locations. But it might mean you have to adjust your registration forms to make it force the user to select a location when performing a registration. more info here

you should know however, that once you remove a mobile worker from a location, they will no longer be able to access the cases that were registered at that location.



oh, as for the second part of your question: you can use to re-assign cases to users/locations

However, for changes to take on the mobile device, a sync after the re-assignment needs to happen. otherwise, they will continue to see the cases and be out of sync.

Thanks, Mazz. However I didn't find more information in the link you provided for how to "force the user to select a location when performing a registration". Were you actually referring to a different link by any chance?