Area Calculator for CommCare

Does the Area calculator for commcare still supported.

I am trying to use it on my app without success.

Is this an outdated guide?

Yes, this is still supported and the guide looks up to date. Can you tell us more about the issue you are facing.

Oh great! Thanks @Shubham

On the guide it says, under the “Templates” dropdown of this question, select the “Area Calculator” question type".

But, I found the Area Mapper on the External App dropdown (please look the attached image).

I couldn’t also see a place where I can put the key/value pair to configure my map, and add extra information as suggested in the guide.

area mapper

For Saving image: the guide says:

But, I dont know where I should find: the image capture question, and the (key, value) pairs for this question.

And after I start the area mapper, I couldn’t sometimes be able to measure the square meter of the target area. It sometimes displays 0 sqm - no matter how small I make the minimum location accuracy.

One additional thing:
When I am able to measure the area, export the data to an excel, the Map value has a number that doesn’t seem a location data (eg. from my export - 1552.2542475315267); I think this is the area value in sqm.

Is it possible to get a shape value of the area that I will be able to export and use that to see it on a map application later? I see multiple latitude and longitude values during measurement (how can I export this values?)