Area calculator for CommCare not accurate

Hello, I built an application that integrates Area calculator for CommCare via the android App callout. The integration was successful and everything works great, but on using the area calculator for Commcare to map farms, i noticed inconsistency in the values generated by the app for the same farm on different measures. So i am considering integrating another app called Measurer which i have tested to be accurate. Can i get a help on how to go about this? I have done some review on this page:
It appears i need to incorporate some code snippets into the app i am looking to integrate with Commcare, which i doubt i have the required privilege. I require some heads up and help here, Please!!!

Hello Olawale,

Technically you don’t have to add code snippets in CommCare to call another android application. The app callout question type is made for this purpose.

To be able to call out Measurer from CommCare, you need to make sure that Measurer has been developed to be called out using an intent action for the activity you want to do in the application. Measurer should also be able to receive and send back information into CommCare.

When you have all those information please use the callout question type as shown in the documentation and the image below:

  • Intent ID > is the intent action used to call Measurer in this case
  • In the Extra section > add all the values you want to pass to Measurer (if any)
  • In the Response > add all the values you want to receive back from Measurer (probably your gps coordinates)

Kindest Regards



In addition to Ismaila’s feedback below, is it possible to explain what inconsistencies you found with the area mapper tool?

The code for that tool is in a relatively straightforward open source repository, so if there are any improvements that would improve its value we’d appreciate the feedback as Issue Reports.


Hello Ismaila,

Thanks for the prompt response. I quite understand your explanation. As long as i am not the developer of the Measurer app, it may be challenging to for me to ascertain that it has been developed to call out intent action.


Hello Clayton,

The challenge with Area calculator for Commcare is that the values generated from mapping a field using different devices and even the same devices on separate occasions are not the same or even close. So its accuracy is in doubt.