Are 'tabs' supported within labels?

I’m trying to create a ‘read-only’ table of case data on a tablet.

I’m thinking of doing this with a list group of labels which contain two to three properties for the case selected. So that these properties line up in columns, I’d like to separate the properties within each label with a ‘tab’ (rather than spaces).

Is this possible?

If it is, is it possible to ‘right-align’ these tabs?

Thanks in anticipation.


Hi Simon,

I’m not sure if there’s any way to accomplish this in a label - if there is, I don’t think the formatting of your spacing would be too reliable. You can play with text formatting and line breaks to at least up the clarity:

but I think that’s pretty much the limit of what you can do in a label.

Hope someone else can punch in if I’m missing a method. However, is there a reason you need to display this data inside a form rather than in a case list/details page? These are well-designed to do what you’re talking about and you get to them in fewer clicks.

Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply. Very useful. I’m on it.