Application Upgrade Error message after the log in


One of our field workers is facing a problem to use the application. After
the login in the following pop-up message shows:

Commcare needs to finish the upgrade by downloading the application

After clicking on “Complete Upgrade” (only option) the next message shows: The
application Commcare ODK (process org.commcare,dalvik) has stopped
unexpectedly. System failed to repair the error. Please use other software.

After that takes you to the error report and then the application collapses
and it takes you out. If restarting the whole thing happens again.

The field worker has submitted the error report as well. The application
was working two days ago and there have been no changes in the application.
He was getting these error messages when connected to the internet. He is
using a lava 349 smartphone.

PFA the screenshots he sent me. Any insights of what is happening and how
to solve it?

Thank you