App username different than mobile users on commcare HQ

I have been using one username for a mobile worker on my mobile app. I am taking over from someone who previously created the app.
I am syncing the data from the mobile app with this username after every data collection. It says it is successfully syncing.
On my commcarehq account for this app, there is no mobile worker created with the username I am using and thus no data populating on my commcarehq account.

Where is the data associated with the username on the mobile app going if it says it’s successfully syncing to the server.
If I must create a new mobile worker on my commcarehq account for the app, how can I save the data from the mobile worker/username we have been using?

Thank you for your help!

Are the mobile worker and web user for sure on the same project space? Whoever created the app would’ve needed to send you an invite to the project space. What is your web user’s role? Some roles have restricted access, which could also explain this.

I spoke with the original creator of the app. One problem identified was that the app wasn’t published. I’m not really sure how we’ve been collecting data on the mobile devices, but we have been.
We’ve somehow been collecting data on an unpublished app.
Now my question is, is there a way to save the data that has been collected on the mobile devices which have been using an unpublished app?
We were thinking of handwriting all the data we’ve collected so far, but I’m wondering if there’s an electronic way to do this.

Edit: I looked up the steps for using WiFi direct:
Can we use this for this situation?
We have two mobile devices we can use. Can we publish the app, install it on one mobile device (host), then use WiFi direct to transfer the data from the unpublished/invalid app on the other device (client) to the published app?

I don’t think it should matter that the app wasn’t published. You mentioned that you can’t see the mobile worker on CommCareHQ - that sounds much more likely to be the issue, in my opinion. My bet is that the forms have been successfully submitted to the server, but you can’t see them due to some sort of configuration issue.

Are you sure your CommCareHQ user is on the same project space as the mobile worker? What is your CommCareHQ user’s role? You may also want to file a support request so they can look in to the specifics.

Hi Ethan,
I’m not 100% sure the CommCareHQ user and the mobile worker are on the same project space.

Some evidence suggests that they are not:

-on the CommCare mobile app, the top of the home screen says “BOFWA Condom Distribution” and the project space on CommCare HQ is titled “KECHMMO”

-the mobile worker is not on the “KECHMMO” CommCareHQ project space

-another note, when logging in with the same mobile worker username and password on a different tablet, the login is successful but none of the data can be seen

Some evidence leads me to believe they are on the same project space:

All the specifics of the forms that are on the CommCareHQ “KECHMMO” project space are what is on the mobile app itself when working as a mobile worker under the login we have been using.

When you ask about the CommCareHQ user role, I think the answer is CommCare Community plan, the user is an administrator.

If your user is an administrator, then they should have full data access, so I don’t think this is an issue of role.

on the CommCare mobile app, the top of the home screen says “BOFWA Condom Distribution"

This is the name of the application. It should correspond to the application tile you see in the “Applications” dropdown and on various application pages.

I did a little digging and it does look like the other admin users on your project space also have other project spaces, one of which I’m pretty sure is the correct one. I think what you’ll have to do is request that the former administrator grant you access to that project space. They can do that by:

  • Logging on to CommCareHQ
  • Clicking the project name in the top right. This should open a dropdown.
  • Select the correct project name from the dropdown, taking them to that project space.
  • Navigate to Users > Web Users
  • Click “Invite Web User” and enter your email address

Thanks for your help Ethan.

I have confirmed with a former admin of the current project space that our data has been syncing with a previous project space that I do not have access to.

Now my question is: If I’m able to make contact with someone who does have access to the project space where the data is being synced, how can I then transfer that data to the current project space?

Form submissions can’t be copied from one project space to another. You could however, copy cases over. The easiest way to do that would be to do a data export of the cases you want to transfer, then import those cases into the new project space. You’ll want to be sure to assign the case owners correctly in this step, or using the “reassign cases” feature after, so the appropriate users have access to the cases on the new project space.