API List Forms for specific application

Hi All,
i can expoert date by API API Form

Base URL: https://www.commcarehq.org/a/[domain]/API/v0.5/form/
but in my project I have a lot of applications, I need export forms just for one application how I can filter it

Hi Shareef,

As per the API article you referred to, you can use the namespace "xmlns" parameter to retrieve the form. Check out the article on Finding a Form's XMLNS for more information on how to access this.
You can also use the "app_id" parameter.

Could you try this?

thanks, i try to do it by app_id but not work can you find the link below if i did it correct

Hi Shareef,

Thanks for giving that a try. Do you get any specific error message?

THANKS a lot it is working

Hi Shareef,

That's great to hear! All the best with your project!

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