API calls - status 429 'Too many requests'

We're getting this error with API calls on one workspace in our monolith installation. Is there a way to see what the rate limit is and why we're receiving it? We've purposely spaced out our API calls. to run every 30 seconds and don't expect it to be happening. Which logs can I check to see what's up with the one space (the others work fine after receiving that error)?


Hey Ed,

As far as what the rate limit is, that is available in our docs, but at a high level it is calculated per mobile worker in the subscription, and should be 1000 per worker per day (higher over shorter timeframes). Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to see where you are against those limits, but you do have a few options to get around them.

One option is to increase the allowed users on that project space's subscription. If you are not limiting the number of users for other reasons, that may be you easiest option. Alternatively, if this is a specific user, for example an integration user, you can exempt the user from the limits by adding them to the API_THROTTLE_WHITELIST feature flag.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Cal, that's very helpful. The feature flag might be just what we want. I don't think we limit the number of users on these subscriptions - where would I be able to do that?