API Call start and end date not returning changes

I am trying to pull back changes from a specific date range via the API, this as of the moment is working fine, but has intermittently has given me issues where it doesn’t return the updates that I have made.

So for example see the picture below:

I can clearly see the edit i have made in the form history, but when I do the API call nothing came through for that period. See the outlined dates. This seemed to work at a later stage (few hours later) and generally works immediately when I make the update. However because of how i am pulling the data between a time period and then not again for that time period I am concerned that I may miss some updates. I may need to update my code to accommodate this.

Is their an explanation as to why it didn’t show up those edits sooner?

Just in case its needed here is an example of the URL I am using:

Hi there, just tested this again this morning and its doing it again. Please see pic below:

If anyone at Dimagi needs an account to test this - the data is all test data - please let us know

Hi Calvin,

Not currently aware of any specific source that would be causing something like this.

Can you Report an Issue from CommCare HQ so that our support team can take a look at what is going on under the hood?


Hi @Clayton_Sims thank you for your response, I have logged the issue on commcare HQ now. Hopefully we can get to the bottom it.