Android Callout

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We have integrated our commcare app with another android application using the app callout feature of commcare. The android application is invoked from commcare in two different occasions, during Enrollment and Identification. The Enrollment process is executed at form level. Therefore, when callouts are made, we have certain information returned from the Android app and we store that information in to a calculated field. We then save the data from the calculated field in to a case property.

The problem that we are facing is related with the Identification process. The Identification process is done on case lists. The android app will also return some information during the identification process. Now, we want the returned information to be saved in the case db just like the way we did during Enrollments. But we couldn't do that as there is no way of updating the case db from case lists.

Could there be any possibility to update a case property of a particular case from case lists ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Someone else might chime in with a better answer, but I can offer some thoughts, at least.

Cases can only be modified by form submissions. These can be forms submitted by other devices or by integrations, which would update the local casedb on the next sync. This use-case sounds like it's strictly local to the device, however. Could you perhaps involve a small form which doesn't involve user input in the Identification process? Say, they select the case, opening this form, which then initiates the app callout, which returns data to the form. You may be able to use "end of form navigation" to integrate this into the subsequent workflow.

Hi Ethan,

Thank you so much for your response.

The problem is that, in our use case, to select the case, the Identification process must be triggered. That is when the data is returned. Users need to first Identify the case before selecting it.


Hi @daki ,

As we discussed on Friday, can you send along a bit more information around the proposed workflow and examples that you received from SimPrints? You can email me: frener at dimagi dot com


Hi Farid,

Thank you for your reply. I have shared the requirements document that we got from Simprints with you and Ahmad.