Adding shapefiles to case display 'view on map'

I'm interested to find out if the case mapping function can be modified to include project-specific GIS files, such as polygons.

Our study involves data collection over time within predefined 'clusters'. The implementation site is a rural setting where there are no clear village boundaries, therefore clusters often don't relate to easily identifiable landmarks.

When the list of households to be visited is predetermined, we're using the 'view on map' function to assist with navigation to the households. However, the field teams would appreciate being able to see the cluster boundaries on the map. A scenario when this would be particularly useful is for updating our census - if the user can see if their current location is within the cluster boundary, they're able to easily determine if a newly built household needs to be registered.

Would love to hear if anyone has developed any workarounds that use other mapping tools linked to CommCare, or if this is something that would be considered for future versions of CommCare.

hi @ruth_a ,

Your workflow sounds like a better fit with the ESRI platform especially if custom maps/polygons are essential to your workflow. They have a suite of mobile tools that can navigate you to the location and then update the information needed accordingly. There's ArcGIS navigator that will give you directions to the point of interest and then you can easily enter / update information through the ArcGIS collector.


Thanks for the suggestion @ttseng, I'll explore this option.

I believe ESRI tools require a subscription, so would be interested to hear if there are any other free solutions that could be fully integrated with CommCare.