Adding owner property to text messaging


I'm wondering if it's possible to add an owner property (phone number) to messages. I currently use {} to reference the case name. Is there a way to reference the owner's phone number (i.e., phone number of CHV who created the case)?


@tnguyen :
Refer this :

a) If your cases are owned by a user (and not a location) , then phone number can be accessed using {case.owner.phone_number} . If your mobile worker's phone number is saved in any other property, then you can use {case.owner.</the name of the case property corresponding to phone number/>} .
P.S. By default case is owned by a mobile worker until and unless your application assigns the case to a location for the purpose of case-sharing

b) If your cases are owned by a location, then this may not be possible directly. For this you can save the phone number of user directly on to that case and use that case property for your SMS.

Let me know if this makes sense.