Adding blank space to multiple choice question

I am very new to Commcare and I am trying to understand this platform. I am creating a survey for data collection in a new application that I am building. I have some multiple choice questions. I wanted to have a blank space as an option. For example, if I have a question that provides the answer: yes, no, and other (specify). How do I add to the choices a blank space that the participant can fill out ? Thanks.

Hi Danta,

Good question. You will have to create a separate question, say Other, after the Multiple Choice Question, and define a Display Condition for Other such that it’s only displayed when someone picks Other option in the MCQ.

I can show you how to accomplish this over a quick call. What would be a good time? I am on Skype.


Hi Dev,

Thanks for the quick reply. Today, anytime before 4 PM should be fine for me for a Skype call. Tomorrow, anytime between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM should be good as well. Thanks a lot for helping. My Skype ID is dantadonia09. I will send you a request. I look forward
to hearing back from you.