Adding an Android App callout button to case list page

I'm trying to add a button on the case list page that calls out to a separate Android app for the purpose of searching through the list. Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to go about implementing this?

I doubt you can have a callout in the caselist view. maybe you can write up an html code, but I don't think that would be very useful in your case.

you can have a callout question type, and try putting it on the caselist or case detail view. maybe that'll do something?

Hi! This is a bit of a tricky topic. The open source code does support an identity provider framework which can be used to call out to a second app which independently identifies selections from the list (reading case data from the on-device content provider) and then sends them back to CommCare as you are outlining.

Unfortunately this functionality is in an open source module which isn't fully productized for turnkey self-service use, so it's not covered in the public hosted SaaS offering other than through the SimPrints integration. To take advantage of it in your app for now you'd need to run CommCare's Open Source version to configure it in your app build.

I'd be curious to hear a bit more about what you're trying to build and with what scale / intent you'd intend to use it at?