Add an ability to delete previously created checkbox answers and case properties

This would help massively with automation of workflow, as currently you have to write additional queries to filter out some answers that are long gone from the forms, but are still present in every export. I have an answer that was added by mistake by my predecessor and I have no idea what it even means. It is not present in the forms anyone, the date filters are set to long after it was deleted, but a column for this answer is still being created. Deleting case properties is something that was asked for long before me too.

Same goes for user properties, this is just unintelligible.

In addition to this you should be able to select which exact answers you want to see in your export after expanding a question.

typically these columns will not show up unless data is entered.
if data is entered, the column should never be deleted. never. at all.
Properties should also follow the same logic.

if you wish to have clearer case and form exports, have a development copy of the app, and a testing copy. when you are happy with the results from testing, make a production copy that will be 100% clean and free from the stuff that was created in between what you were unhappy with and what you are happy with