Add a space between two autopopulated questions


I have a question that uses other two previously asked questions, like below. I want to add a space between the first name and the last name. I tried to do so by just adding a space but it didn’t work when testing- the question still shows no space. Is there some special character I need to use? Thanks!

Odd, I would have expected that to work.

You can attempt to manually inject a non-breaking space by pasting in


which will probably work.


Hi Clayton,

I couldn't paste the space. The cursor just won't move when I paste it :frowning:

you can use your cursor keys “arrows” to move around in the text box. it does act a little funny when you drag and drop in there sometimes.

you can also select the whole text and cut/paste it back in place to see the full reference instead of the abbreviated icon. you can more easily navigate the text there and add your space

Thanks, Mazz.
I can move the cursor around in the box, it’s just that when I paste the space that Clayton posted, the cursor stays at the same place so I know the space is not added. If I type a space from my keyboard, the space in added but it does not show when I test it in the web app or mobile app.

I used the full reference and the web app just show the full reference path itself, not the actual name

Try this:
<output value="#form/identification_page/hohFirstname" / > <output value="#form/identification_page/hohLastname" / >

just delete the space before the “>” character because this website translates it if i did it correctly

check if you have easy references and use text formatting on in your form properties - that might help to change your settings to get what you want

Still not working :sob:

I checked the form property and it seems fine

Ok that IS odd indeed

try this

It worked! Thank you!

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No problem!
Have fun form building :slight_smile: