Acquire in appearance function to force app to record picture:

I was trying to force the Commcare mobile app to record pictures and remove the choose option, I have find where to put it in the appearance using the “acquire” function but unfortunately when trying it out on mobile nothing happened can any one help?

Can you send a screenshot of what the configuration you added looked like?

That looks correct to me. I validated that on the latest release the acquire appearance attribute is doing the right thing, so it’s odd that it’s not working on your device.

Are you sure that the device is running the latest version from the app builder? Would be worth updating, say, the question text and confirming you can see that it changed.

If so, I’d use the Report an Issue function from the website to submit a report so our team can look into your specific app to figure out what’s not lining up.


Hi for sure I am using the latest update but its just not working at all as if the acquire function was not handled buy CommCare Mobile.