Accessing mobile Workers data in lookup tables

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I`m in a point where i want to store those mobile workers which i gave them a training on how to use tools of our project, so I want to access the data of the mobile workers in my project, then i want to add them into a lookup table where i can select all the mobile workers who attended the training.
is this possible or if there is any suggestions anyone can help me with i would be appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

hi everyone,
anyone has information on this?

yes and no my friend

so, you can get some stuff dynamically like locations.
but if you want your mobile workers, there’s no way to do it dynamically except if each mobile worker had their own location or group - not something most people want to do .

We generally have little turnover in our mobile workers, so a lookup table that we update every now and again is what we use for purposes where we need to know mobile worker usernames in our forms.