Access Permession

Hello All,
How I can give permession to web user to access spesfic application,
If I have one project space and content 5 application with different names, so how I can give permession to web user to enter 1 application instead of to see all 5 application.

Havent tried myself but you could
(a) group your users as shown below :

(b) Then in the "Web App Permissions", you canassign the group to eac application as per your requrement. (as shown below)

Note: This feature's availability may be dependent on your subscription plan

I don't talk about Web Apps, I talk about Web user

Got it. For that you can create a new role which would allow mobile users to have access to Web-Apps :

Next, you can create mobile users for accessing the selective web-apps (with permission assigned as above) and then follow the steps which I specified in my previous comment.

I mean how we can give web user access to specific applications for editing form , create case list, survey….etc

Ferazal it's either on or off. as far as i know, there are no ways to give app editor permissions for specific apps.

Thank you Mazen for your support

Hi @Mazz and @ayogi

Is it possible to create a web user that is able to make their way into the forms editor and observe all the fields and configurations but is unable to write changes to them?

I am thinking of creating a web user and assign them “read only role”. Will this work?

Thanks in advance