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I am really glad that you started sending emails about activity that has happened on the CommCare Forum to those of us who may not have been active in a while. It turns out that the timing was perfect - there was an annoucement that came out about projects in Malawi, so I was able to notify our team about that long before we received the official email from Dimagi. We have been able to receive some amazingly timely support on the forum for an application that we are building for another project, so we appreciate that as well! Thanks to everyone who contributes their knowledge and experience on this forum. We couldn't do it without you.


Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Our team has been working hard to help provide better channels for
communications both from Dimagi directly, and from the larger community, so
it's super helpful for us to know that it's been helpful to you and your

Please do let us know if there are other types of communications that you'd
find helpful, and we will do our best to make sure we're reaching out where


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