A validation condition in the preview

I have an issue of validation conditions,
a question with validation condition is not mandatory, after submission of the form, when a mobile user wants to view the saved form, it want pass through this question because it has (—) the dash is default from Commcare when the field is empty. (the form displays the validation message and doesn’t want to proceed) please see attached photo

is there a way to solve this?


If you haven’t already, it would be helpful to Report an Issue through CommCareHQ so one of our developers can fix the underlying bug, as that’s definitely not the right behavior.

One workaround for this would be to use the Go to Prompt function in the three-dot menu, which would allow the user to navigate beyond the question.

Unfortunately until the bug is fixed the only thing I can think of other than Go to Prompt would be making changes to the form directly in ways that either hides the question if the form is complete or allows the question to pass validation.


Thanks Clyton, I submitted a report to solve the bug

Hi! not sure if you managed to solve this but am i seeing a validation condition on a label? I’m curious

Hi Mazen,
it’s not a label, it’s a numerical question
the photo is taken from the preview screen in the tablet after the form is submitted

I’m running an extension on my browser so i didn’t see things clearly. but, this is indeed very curious. have you tried defaulting it to 0000000 or some format that shouldn’t break it?

I’m thinking there should be a display condition to hide this question when it’s not needed. but then again, how could you know it’s not needed without adding a silly question about it like "do you have other phone numbers you’d like to enter ? I think a default value might not be what you want ideally, but it should theoretically pass through the validation condition.

OR, now that I’ve typed that out, you could probably also put the phone number question in a repeat where it’ll ask the user “Do you want to add another repeat?”

just a thought

did you manage to get support?



The validation conditions should not get triggered in an already saved form. This is a bug in CommCare and we are in process to rollout a fix for this soon. I will keep this thread updated with the progress on the fix.


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this will temporarily solve the issue, but the support team said that they are going to fix the but in the next mobile release

Thanks Mazz

Thanks @Shubham, we will be waiting for your update

Hi Aysha,

CommCare 2.48.1 is now live on playstore with the fix for this issue. Please update CommCare from playstore in order to fix this issue on your end. Please let us know in case you face further issues.


Thans @Shubham it’s working now

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