A little problem with my follow up

I have a registration form then two followup form for that registration form, but inside the first followup form, I have a choice that decides that the followup should continue or stop. So in my second followup, I have those who need more followup, but the problem is that I still have the "people registered" in the first followup(I want them to be in the second followup form ONLY when they meet certain condition)
What might be the problem?
Help please

I have a similar problem here. My follow-up forms solely depend on the multiple choice answers gotten after registration. I don't really know how to link the two or what validation message to start my follow-up up file. Please @FlowerKnight do share if you find the solution.

Thank you much

I just found it, in the case list where you have filter, you can add filter for the followup there, so you can choose which people to saw depending on the situation. You have to write simple algorithm there. In my case I put them inside a hidden value with true and false value so for the condition I simply apply: (something=true()) or false depending on the situation. If you still need more help. Don't hesitate to ask me on whatsapp +261340220121 , My Name is Andritiana Johanesa

It sounds like you might be interested in setting a display condition on the form, so it only appears for cases meeting certain conditions. This documentation page describes that in more detail:

But how do I treat regression case, to put people back at the first followup in a certain condition