2023-09-12 update-to-python-3.9.18

74. update-to-python-3.9.18

Change Context

Installs python 3.9.18 and build a new virutalenv for CommCare HQ


Python 3.9.18 applies some security patches to the known CVEs in earlier versions of Python 3.9. Performing these steps will ensure that that those CVEs don’t affect your environment

Steps to update

  1. Update to the latest commcare-cloud
  2. Install Python 3.9.18, update supervisor configs and sudoers file, and create virtualenv for CommCare HQ:
cchq <env> deploy-stack --tags=python

It will do a dry run, after which you can review the changes and enter ‘y’ to apply. 3. Restart services:

cchq <env> service commcare restart