Unable to sync with server

When I try to sync mobile app to COMMCARE I get error message "An unexpected issue occured during sync. Please try to sync again"

Any suggestion or solution will be greatly appreciated.

Hi, @danielnk .

On the mobile device there should be a "See Error Details" popup which you can select. Feel free to paste the output here.

Are you trying to sync to commcarehq.org or a self-hosted instance?

Hi Charl,
Thank you for coming back to me. Am trying to connect to a self-hosted instance.

Unfortunately the message comes on the sync icon on the mobile apple with no option for more details.

@danielnk Do you know if this issue is related to this post?

@CharlSmit the issue are related but I did not want to diverge the conversation on the other thread. We are really in desperate need of help to have the system back online. Users have already started losing trust in the solution and are contemplating on going back to paper.

@danielnk I don't think we'll be able to address this issue without addressing this post's issue, since the root of this problem is the same as that post.

That said, we acknowledge the severity of the issue and will revert as soon as possible on a potential solution.

This is well noted. Thank you