Requirement file missing during Commcare deploy

I feel a bit more secure now.

Yes, it must get this old format somewhere when deploying.

During the deployment a git clone /home/cchq/www/monolith/current/.git /home/cchq/www/monolith/releases/XXX is made, so the url should be retrieved at that time (is it right?). But I have checked the configuration files, the urls is correct.

I will keep searching in that way.

I hope to find the solution soon.
I hope you will find a solution too.


Hello @Ethan_Soergel
I noticed something.
My current release head is on commit 456a3073d9f798b075a743560e44437f4b9d3b81 (commecare-hq) and in this commit ( .gitmodules have old url format .

I have a question.
When deploy command is executed, what is it supposed to do with .git repository and .gitmodules file of current release ? Make an exact copy or copy first and pull from head inside ?

Hi @Rodolphe here is the code that runs during deploy to do this operation - that may help understand what's going on:

It should make a copy of the current directory first, then fetch and check out the deploy commit in that new directory.