Rating with Stars to a user in App

I must say I’m lost here…

You have a property in wich you store the last visit date at the end of the form used during this last visit, true ? This property is called hv_last_visit_date.

Then you want to discriminate between beneficiary that

  1. were visited in the last 3 days (green)
  2. weren’t visited during those last 3 days (red)

Then, using hv_last_visit_date in the case list, you do the mapping as said :

  1. Green : today() <= date(. + 3)
  2. Red : today() > date(. + 3)

Now, if the next visit date is known, no need for all this : just count the number of days between the last visit and the next visit and check if this number is greater than 3 or not…

An advice : always follow the easiest solution !


Thanks a lot for your help Michel… given solution is working smoothly… A big help… appreciate it