Wrong Child Case Name On Case List


I have a child case set up, but when multiple child cases are opened the wrong names appear on the case list. Does anyone know how to resolve this error?


Can you be a bit more specific about what’s incorrect about the case names in the sublist? Is the list showing the wrong cases, or do the cases receive the wrong name (as seen on the HQ record of the case itself)?


Here is an example. I registered 3 separate cases with the names Test1, Test2, and Test3, but on the case list the final name we entered shows up 3 times.

That’s quite strange, can you send a screenshot of the child case creation configuration?

Here is the set up, sorry the application is in Spanish.

There’s not quite enough shown in that screenshot to tell (the name isn’t set in the screenshot), but the case open condition looks like it might not be inside of a repeat.

Are all of the questions / hidden values which set values contained inside the same repeat group? A screenshot of the Property Setters would help identify that.

Oh this might be our error. We are not using a repeat group. Do all child cases need to be build with a repeat group?

Here is how I set up the child case:

There is one question “pruebas_confirmatorias”. If the answer to this question is yes, I want to open a child case in a different case list. Every child case will have a unique parent case, but I do not want all parent cases to open a child case. Does that make sense?

yes it does!

just make sure that all the child case properties are being loaded from inside a repeat group.

an example would be: Parent A has 3 children. Child 1, 2, and 3.

have a repeat in your form that is only displayed when the answer to “do you want to make children?” is yes, or > 0.
the repeat count should be whatever you need it to be.
repeat answers for each child (you can write up some hidden values to pull from previous repeats or other parts of the form, but it’s very important that all the child case properties come from the same repeat group.

that should do the trick