What is the use of shared_dir_host while using minio object storage


Am currently setting up a commcareHQ platform for covid-19 app.

i’ve changed the default FS object storage Backend to Minio by using the following documentation FS_to_S3

I didn’t remove shared_drive host on inventory.yml as shown inventory file

After the change, i’ve seen shared_drive setup in the localsettings.py file.

Shared Drive Setup

SHARED_DRIVE_ROOT = ‘/mnt/shared_echis’
RESTORE_PAYLOAD_DIR_NAME = ‘restore_payloads’
TRANSFER_FILE_DIR_NAME = ‘transfer_payloads’

Should I remove [shared_dir_host:children] from inventory to use minio for the above settings too? or just leave the setting as it’s

You can leave it as is. The shared drive is still used in a few other places.

Thank you, Simon for quick reply