What is the expected GB usage of CCHQ on a server?


I am inquiring regarding the expect GB usage of a CCHQ deployment on a server. I understand that the answer depends on many factors (# users, # forms submitted, time since deployment, etc.).

What I’d like to know is whether the GB usage on one of our deployments makes sense, specifically for the /opt/data directory.

The situation is as follows:

  • The server has 3 apps: 1 development app and 2 linked apps to the latter for trainings and staging.
  • Overall we have uploaded around 3000 cases (~ 50 properties in a case).
  • The applications are still in development (no live users, only form submissions for testing, training).

The GB usage of /opt/data is as follows:

  • After a fresh install: ~13 GB.
  • After importing the 3000: >60 GB

Are these numbers to be expected?



We’d need some more info to see where the data is. You can use the print_domain_stats management command to see how many of each data model you have.

To see how the data is spread out you can run this from the /opt/data/ directory: du -d2 | sort -n. That should indicate how the data is spread among the different DBs.

Thanks a lot for these pointers. We will check and revert back!