Web user error message

Hi All

hope everyone is save during these days

we came across an error message while trying to enter data in one of our Web-apps

Logic references partner_type which is not a valid question or value. You may have forgotten to include the full path to the question (e.g. /data/partner_type). (Expanded reference: instance(peer_educator)/peer_educator_list/peer_educator[1]/partner_type)

this user is a mobile worker and he used to be able to enter data in the web and we have enable the following settings in commcare:
users>Web Apps Permissions> Manage Web Apps Permissions>“Allow all mobile workers to see all Web Apps applications”

is this message popping due to an access issue or a config issue ? or both ?


Hi Maria,

That error would seem to imply that there is a lookup table in the application whose structure in the user’s downloaded sandbox doesn’t match what is expected by the application.

This could be because the user needs to sync, because the application version used in web apps is further behind (or ahead of) a mobile app install, or a few other edge cases.

Is partner_type indeed a column in the current version of the ‘peer_educator’ lookup table?


Hi Clayton

yes partner_type is a column in the current version of that table

In that case it certainly sounds like this workflow should be functioning with the current configuration. It shouldn’t be related to a problem with permissions or anything similar.

I’d recommend starting by having them navigate to “Settings -> Clear User Data” in Web Apps. This will just make their user do a full sync next time they use the app, and will force them to redownload the lookup table.

It would be worth checking that the lookup table hasn’t changed as well, since a bad upload which excludes the column could result in what you are seeing.