Vlookup Checkbox in Excel after Export


I need help to how I can vlookup Checkbox after export from CommCare.
I mean:
1- I have Date and Checkbox in my Registration.
2- after to export data I need make vlookup/Lookup the Checkbox with Date.

Hi Ahmad, thank you for your question. When I speak about exporting data from Excel to Word as tab delimited text, I usually recommend converting the tables into an html table first in order to be able to Vlookup a checkbox. This is because Word doesn't support Vlookups on columns with numbers, so you instead need it in a cell's HTML or Text column. To do this, highlight the whole table and go Edit> Convert Tablix Objects> Convert Between Tabs and Spaces> Table Properties> Define As (select "Table" when prompted). If you're not quite sure how to convert tabs into spaces yet or if it did something wrong, simply highlight the cells again.

I just did your question on google when I got there it showed this link for what you are looking