Validating Text Question Response to make sure that it is not in a particular List

I want to know how I can verify that a country name that user enters after choosing non-African country from multiselect question is indeed a non-African country.

For instance Q1: Which country are you from? and the options are: a) Ghana, b) Togo, c) Cote d’Ivoire, d) Other African, and e)Non-African.

IF the user selects option e) Non-African, then I want to make sure that the country the user enters in the next question which (i.e. Q2. Enter the name of the Non-African country) is a Text question is indeed a non-African country.

I don’t want to use a Lookup table.


Ideally, if you hope to perform meaningful validation, you first reduce the amount of human error possible. for example, they enter Egpyt. Egypt is an African country, but Egpyt is not.

one way is to have an exhaustive multiple choice question, with a display condition against each entry based on the “Other African” or “Other non-african” options.



For Africa I have all the countries as options in a Multiselect field. What I want to do is for all other countries, let’s say Malaysia but mistakenly enters Mauritius in the Text question (this is because I cannot list all of the other countries in the world as options in a Multiselect question), the system should be able to say that Mauritius is in Africa so verify and enter correctly. I am hoping that there is a way that I can link the Multiselct question with the African countries as Validation condition


Hi Yaw,

If I were approaching this, I would upload a Lookup Table containing all of the countries of the world including a continent in a second field, ie:

Colombia | south_america

Brazil | south_america

Tanzania | africa

Burundi | africa

Such lists are available online and quite comprehensive.

I would then create a manual single-select question with your first list of 3 countries and 5 choices, then create a second question which is a Combobox Widget backed by a Lookup Table which only appears if (d) or (e) are chosen.

You can then apply a filter to the lookup table which either filters for Only African countries (country=‘africa’) or non-African countries (not(country = ‘africa’))

The combobox widget will allow the user to type their choice to filter the huge list of countries, but will also require them to choose a specific country.

This is the best way to ensure that your workflow is met, since otherwise a user’s input could easily miss a filter: There is much room for error in how a user chooses to type “Democratic Republic of Congo”, for example.


Hi Clayton,
I did not want to use Lookup Tables because I am trying to prove to the prospective client that it is doable even if they start with the community platform.

If that is the only way out then I have to go for it.

Thank you

Hi Yaw,

Lookup tables is the core mechanism in the system for managing large data sets like this for comparison and validation, so I don’t think I have another option short of enumerating all non-african countries into a space separated list to validate against, but I can’t imagine that being super effective given the different ways to spell and input them.

My best alternative proposal would be validate via correction, by reviewing and flagging incorrect inputs on the back-end, rather than trying to validate at the time of data collection.