Using tablets in 'read-only' mode

I want to increase the usefulness of the tablet system I’ve developed by increasing the ‘read-only’ options available. This would allow managers (not data collectors) to browse information rather than enter data.

I’m aware of the ‘Browse [cases]’ function and have enabled this. However, I want to do something more sophisticated. I can create a form with labels and embedded properties but is this the only option I have? The problem with this approach is that it saves a new form which can be confusing for the user.

Any tips would be appreciated.



Hi Simon,

There is an option on modules called “Case List Menu Item” that allows you to make a Case List and Case Detail screen that lists the cases, but doesn’t actually take you to a form. So your workers can see the list of cases -> select a case -> see the details of that case but then it just takes them back to the menu screen. If you have a lot of case properties to show it might not be the best format, but it works well for a few dozen case properties.


Thank you Nick. That sounds perfect.

You learn something every day!



You can even add tabs to the Case detail screen, so that your properties can be separated based on categories for exemples.

-Michel Akkaoui

Thanks Michel. I will look into that also.