Use selection from multiple choice question to use on the next question from Lookup table


I want to add a set of questions that will take inputs based on the selection of a previous multiple-choice question.

For eg- my multiple choice question has a list of assembly number: 1,2,3,4 etc. if the selection was 1, "Do you like Candidate A?" but if the selection was 2, I want to ask "Do you like the candidate B?" Similarly, I want the question to take input of a candidate name who is present in that assembly number that was filtered based on the last question. Is there an efficient way to do this?

You probably achieve the workflow you are describing through a combination of different features, but doing so will probably require combining a few features.

If you can anchor your multi-select questions and repeats against a Lookup Table index, you can query for elements of the table in follow up questions. Alternatively, you can create multiple choice questions and repeat iterations against filtered sets of cases instead of lookup tables, if those are better for indexing. In theory you can also do so against repeated questions within the same form.

There's an example on the wiki which may provide a demo of the kind of thing you are looking to do. Note that it looks like there's something wrong with the attachment links there, but you can get the two files the page is describing with the Download All link here.