Uploading a new case list


I collected baseline data on 5600 households in 2019 and I am now planning to collect follow-up data on the same households. I did not use Case Management when conducting baseline data collections.

Would it be possible for me to set up case management now, and upload the list of baseline households as a new “case list”? I am under a CommCare Community Plan. Is that an option?

Thank you!

There is a feature Import Cases From Excel which you could use, but it’s not available on the Community Plan (you could try applying for pro-bono access to the feature).

The way that could work is that you export the forms containing the initial data to excel, then use that data to create cases using the case importer. I’d advise setting up your new version of the app with case management and testing it out before importing the baseline households so you can be sure the case structure is correct.