Upload or paste multiple answer choices

I am turning an ODK survey into CommCare. I have, in an excel sheet, several rows that represent answer choices. Instead of manually adding a choice and typing the question, is there a way to upload or paste multiple answer choices in multiple choice or checkbox questions to save time?

Hi Amanda,

Not too sure about the pasting of choices, but if the ODK survey form was created using XLSForm, you can follow the steps here to get you started.
Hope that helps.


You can use XLSForm, a free, online form-building tools that allow you to design your form in an Excel file, and then copy the created XML code into the CommCareHQ form designer. You can work on the Excel file offline and then upload it later.
I personally i have built 400 questionnaire and also uploaded demographic data(herein called data case) with more than 100,000 records!
You can see detailed instructions on how to set up the Excel file here http://opendatakit.org/use/xlsform/. Once you build your form and you can preview it
Build your form in Excel (following the instructions on http://opendatakit.org/use/xlsform/) and then upload it to XLSForm (http://opendatakit.org/xiframe/). You can then download the XForm and upload it into our form builder on CommCare HQ.

As you build your form you can test it online using the validation tool: https://opendatakit.org/use/validate/
It can be confusing I know but trust me its easy, if you get stuck reach me at martinnzioka@gmail.com and can provide you with head start. Success

Thanks, good idea. Was thinking about that… I use XLSforms a lot. Do you know if it would mess up any of the rest of the app?

From my previous usage, NO. Be sure to check the limitations on that page, especially if your XLSForm is complex. Otherwise it wont mess up anything.