Updating details about mobile workers/users on HQ

Hi Shirish,

I am answering your question via email and also forwarding to the
commcare-users group.

You did not have admin access before. But now I have given it to you. If
others from your project require access to ‘Mobile Workers’, you may given
them Field Implementer access. Go to Web Users, click on their name and
select Field Implementer as the role in the profile.

You wanted to update details of registered Mobile Workers. Please click on
’Settings and Users’, and then ‘Mobile Workers’, which is directly under
the ‘Web Users’ on the left hand side panel. You will be able to see
details of all active mobile workers here (i.e. ASHAs). Before deleting any
user, please ensure you are selecting the correct user and do not want to
see/use this data in the future. Any deletions cannot be restored and the
data for this is permanently lost.

You can see the #forms and #cases registered for that user as well, so you
can determine which accounts are inactive and which are active or have been
in the past. For example, for ashanb, there are no submissions, but for
ashanb2 there are 52 forms and 32 forms. So you most likely want to delete
the ashanb account, which appears to be a duplicate.

I see that some telephone numbers of duplicate users are different and also
see that some users do not have first name and last name updated. To update
user profile information, click on the username, and fill out the
missing/updated details in the subsequent screen.

Hope this helps.


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