Updates to the CommCare Help Site

Hello, CommCare Users,

We have been working hard to improve our documentation and have reorganized
our CommCare Help Site (formerly the CommCare Wiki).

You can now access the Help Site by navigating to:

Hopefully you will find it easier to locate the information you need. We
have removed a lot of outdated information, added new screenshots, and
grouped relevant material together. We’re always adding new information and
will announce new resources when we send out release notes or other
CommCare software updates.

Here are some recently-updated resources on the help site you may find


··· - India team Development Associate Devika has produced some helpful pages for how to use Excel when working with CommCare data - Create an Excel Dashboardfor your CommCare Data, a cool visulaization tool created by Dimagi Africa Field Manager Nick

App Building

Implementation Support

Advanced Tools
CommCare APIshttps://help.commcarehq.org/display/commcarepublic/CommCare+HQ+APIs

newly updated documentation on the CommCareHQ APIs

Thanks, and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about our