Update lookup tables

Hi all,

In the following lookup table, celestemunagoua, painted in yellow, who was a CHWs supervisor has been replaced by another supervisor whose name is Albertina Assane. How to update the name? Do I have to replace celeste with Albertina? If I do this, won't I be deleting celeste's history?

Which is the correct path I need to take?

NB: In commcare we have a supervisor APP, the supervisor logs in to the app to confirm referrals made by CHWs. the new supervisor will follow the CHWs painted in green, who were before followed by *Celeste

Looking forward to your guidance


Hello @davuyambantu,

What do you mean by "deleting Celeste's history?" Are you talking about his previous form submissions? If that's what you meant, then the answer is no. Form submissions are linked to the mobile users that are different from the lookup table. Assuming Celestine is also (apart from a lookup table row) an actual mobile worker in CommCare, Celestine's previous work will still be available to download in form exports or to review in various reports.

I don't see any other way here to do this than replacing celestemunagoua by albertinaassane. Lookup table basically only serves for the data quality, which is something you seem to be doing well here.

hi @eyramadzra,

Yes. Celeste, apart from being a lookup table row, is also a mobile worker/user.