Unable to retrieve data by putting in the dates

Hey Guys
For an app that we created on Commcare we had uploaded data in two cycles, one in 2016 and one in 2017. I need compiled data for both cycles but am unable to retrieve it by putting a larger date span. For example if one batch of data was uploaded on in July 2016 and one in April 2017, and if my date range is from 2013-2018, wouldn’t I be getting compiled data from both cycles? The data Im able to pull out is just the first cycle i.e. 2016 data. Kindly help me with this.


Are you referring to form exports or case exports in your data? Did the uploads have the same case_type or xmlns namespace? If so, there’s no reason the system should be differentiating between the first uploaded data and the second.


Hey thanks for replying. I fixed the issue!