Unable to Export reports to Excel


I’ve some lingering issue while trying to export UCR reports to excel. it works sometime but mostly not working.


  1. go to reports tab on the dashboard

  2. click on of the provided report

  3. filter by date and other parameters and click on apply. Result: It displays report on a table. Fine

  4. when u click on export to excel it paused on this and never downloaded.

This export will run in the celery process - can you check that the service is running?

$ cchq <env> service celery status

And if so, check the service logs to see that the task is received, and whether there are any errors reported.

$ cchq <env> service celery logs

The task should be in the default celery_celery queue (the log file will contain that in the name), and the task is called export_ucr_async. You should see a line in there like:

Received task: corehq.apps.userreports.tasks.export_ucr_async

I’d also check the main commcare process logs to see whether it reported any issues queuing the task.

$ cchq <env> service commcare logs