Trouble importing app onto new server: JsonDict issue

Hi all,

I''ve followed the instructions to get an existing app onto a new instance. Everything has come across fine, and I am able to access individual forms. But I can't seem to make a new version, when I click on the form folder it returns a 'Oh no, something unexpected just happened!' result. When I click on the cog next to each form it returns a 'Unexpected Error: unhashable type: 'JsonDict' result.

I have made sure the commcare version are the same at 2.51.4 and republished the rolled-back app. The organisaitons/locations are the same as well as the user fields, and users. All of the advanced app settings are the same. Multimedia packahges are also the same.

Please help, thank you,

Do you have a traceback for the error? My hunch would be that that sort of error stems from the app being created on a different release of commcare-hq than the new instance. If you control the old instance, I'd make sure it's been recently deployed and had all migrations run, then likewise for the new instance. Then I'd confirm that you can build the app on the old instance. If all that goes smoothly but the app still won't build on the new instance, it might require more tedious fixing.

Hi Ethan, Thanks for the help. The issue has been sorted by redeploying the destination instance. Thanks again