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Dear Users,

We wanted to let you know about two new features in the CommCare HQ App
Builder. We hope you find them useful; here they are:

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This feature is only for applications that use Case Sharing. Currently,
the user must press “sync” to get data from the server. Now, you can set
applications to sync automatically whenever the user logs in, either daily
or weekly. This setting defaults to “Disabled”.

To change this setting, click on your application and scroll down to
"CommCare Settings". The setting is called “Auto-Sync Frequency” and
defaults to “Disabled”.

Parent Case Properties in Case List and Detail Screens

This feature is only for applications that use Child Cases. Previously,
when you configured the case list and detail screens for a module, you
could access only the case properties in that case. Now, if the case has a
parent, you can also access the case properties of the parent case. These
case properties are tagged with a blue “parent” label.

The CommCare HQ Dev Team